Welcome to my blog!

My name is Konstantinos Leledakis and my nickname is koleygr.

(For start you can just read my plans below and the truth is that I have only one post in “Science and Lessons”->”Math” that is a post about understanding imaginary numbers via visualization of a parabola’s solutions. The following text is just about my plans.)

In this blog you can find (soon):

  1.  Articles on Math, Physics and programming.
  2.  Lessons on Math and Physics in the form of pdf files (both printable and pressentations).
  3. Programs on Qt/C++ and packages on LaTeX.
  4. A application of mine that can be used to teach anything (especially if it is based on logic).
  5. Lessons created by me on that application.

All the content you will find (in everyone of the above categories) is work of mine and licensed under my terms provided in every post or file. Unless a specific post/document or program is licensed in a way that allows you to reproduce it or use it for commercial reasons, you not supposed to reproduce or use commercially if you don’t have my written permission. But of course you are allowed to use anything for personal training and for gaining knowledge. (Knowledge has to be free for everyone).



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